10 Best Japanese Cake Recip To Makat Home
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But between matcha rolls and strawberry cakes, theres so much more to explore.

Although dessert after a meal isnt standard in Japan, they still love theirsweet treats and desserts.

And candy is super popular, too, from crunchy wafers to hard suckers.

I love exploring new cultures through food, and these Japanese cake recipes are some of my faves.

This list is short but sweet (pun intended), and I just know youll fall in love at first bite.

Strawberry shortcakewas one of my favorite desserts growing up. (Who am I kidding? It still is today!)

However, this Japanese version is different from the one Im used to eating.

Fortunately, its just as incredible.

Its light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. Additionally, its a beautiful, elegant cake thats perfect for special occasions.

It features soft cake layers separated by cream frosting and strawberries.

It doesnt matter if youve had it before or are trying it for the first time its sure to become a fast favorite.

This tender sponge cake is delightful and, well, spongy! In fact, its downright squeezable!

It has a warm, honeyed taste and is unbelievably light.

You can make it with just seven ingredients in a little over an hour, and it tastes marvelous with hot or green tea.

Soft, pillowycake rollsare surprisingly popular in Japan. Maybe its their fun shape or the artistry that goes into making them.

Whatever the reason, this one wont be the last you see on this list.

This cake roll is a simplevanilla dessert. Its sweet but not too sweet and refined but not hard to make.

If you want an easy introduction to cake rolls, try this recipe.

This strange green Swiss roll looks like something Dr. Seuss would dream up. Its totally real, though!

It gets its attractive green color from the matcha powder.That also gives it its unique, hard-to-match flavor.

Its a light cake that wont weigh you down. It also wont leave you feeling like youve inhaled a sugar factory.

Its an excellent choice for those who dont likesupersweet desserts.

This matcha Mille crepe cake looks incredible.

That green color pops at any angle, and you know its bursting with fabulous green tea goodness.

It features several super-thin layers of matcha crepes. Youll separate them with loads of whipped cream between each one.

Dont let the garden-fresh green fool you, though. This cake is pretty decadent.

And while it looks pretty straightforward, those crepes take a while to make!

Eating this airy, pillow-soft cake roll is like eating a chocolate cloud. Each bite practically melts on your tongue.

Its also a fantastic way to get your chocolate fix. Youll get all the rich cocoa flavor you love, but its not too sweet.

Just be careful that you dont overdo it. Since itisnttoo sweet, eating the whole thing yourself is easy.

Imagine a fruit cake but in spongy cake roll form. Thats precisely what this Japanese fruit roll cake is.

Its a sweet vanilla cake filled with whipped cream and your favorite fruits and berries.

Therecipe recommends kiwis, clementines, and strawberries.However, you can experiment with whatever fruits you like.

Blackberries and raspberries taste lovely in the mix, as do apples and blueberries.

The deep green swirl of this matchapound cakeis beautiful and appealing. Its so pretty, you might not want to eat it!

Who am I kidding? Its too good to pass up. Just be sure you get a picture first!

Its spectacularly delicious and makes a terrific brunch cake, especially on a hot summer day.

Japanese cheesecake is wiggly, jiggly, and full of mild but sweet flavors.

Its also impossibly easy to make,andyou probably have everything you need to make itright now.

It has a sweet and tangycream cheesetaste. However, it looks nothing like American cheesecakes.

Personally, I think the Japanese version is much more elegant.Its lighter, too, so you can enjoy more than one slice!

Try it the next time you want to wow your guests with something new.

Japanese chiffon cake may be the most unique-looking cake on the list. It also has one of the most uniquely flavored.

Youll make it with vanilla, matcha, and Hojicha tea. The result is honestly a little hard to describe.

Just try it for yourself, and let me know what you think!

One of the most famous Japanese cake recipes is the cotton cheesecake. But between matcha rolls and strawberry cakes, theres so much more to explore.

Japanese Castella Cake (Wagashi Sponge Cake)

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